December 11, 2010

December 7, 2010

CBSE prescription: schools must tie up with hospitals

BANGALORE: Here's another boost to the safety measures of your child when in school. In a student-friendly move, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has advised all its affiliated schools to have a tie up with a neighboring hospital. 

The circular dated October 18, 2010 and signed by chairman Vineet Joshi states: "There is a need to create medical care facilities and systems in schools and also have tie up with a nearby hospital within a radius of 2-4 km for any medical emergency.'' The move is part of creating a "safe, fearless and secure environment" which is a prime requirement of holistic education. 

With an increasing aggressiveness among children of this generation, even the cases of casualties in schools have risen, authorities say. 

"There will be around 8-10 small casualties every day. When compared to previous years, there is an increase in the number of cases from the classrooms. If it had been, say, five cases five years ago, it would be eight now. Students tend to imitate the scenes they watch in TV during the breaks," says Mansoor Ali Khan, trustee member, board of management, Delhi Public School. 

Increase in physical fights and restlessness among children of classes three to six are noticeable, teachers say. 

Asthma, stomach pain, fever and minor accidents like falls are the common incidents in schools. Many schools in the city already have their own in-house medical facilities with full-time doctors, nurses and first aid box (even in the school buses as students tend to get into fights even there). A few even have ambulances in case of emergencies. 

Kumaran's Children's Home is planning to make it more `specialized'. They are planning to open a nebulising unit for students with breathing problems. 

While some schools like Geetanjali Vidyalaya have the phone numbers of the students' paediatricians stored in the handbooks, others say they call the parents immediately as they will have objections to the hospitals they take the children to. 

Some schools already have understandings with hospitals Army Public School with the army hospital and Gear Innovative International with VIMS. There are others who are finalizing the tie ups. "We are in the final process. Apart from emergency cases, they would conduct health check-ups, lectures and give tips on healthy living," says P S Khot, New Horizon Gurukul. 

December 6, 2010

Wary of T stir, schools cancel Christmas vacation !

HYDERABAD: The impending 'T' agitation that is expected to follow the submission of Srikrishna Committee report on Telangana statehood, scheduled for December 31, seems to have dampened the Christmas vacation plans of the city school students. While some schools have decided to cancel their Christmas vacation, a few others postponed the half-yearly examination to January, making the festive season a time for special classes and studies. 

The schools which have decided to cancel their Christmas vacation include Meridian (all branches), Chirec (all branches), P Obul Reddy High School, Jubilee Hills and Sr. Nivedita School, Begumpet. City parents said that several schools, including Bhaskar School, Kukatpally, had taken the task of finishing the portions well in advance of the report submission and are rushing through the portions by conducting special classes every week. Most schools will give only one-day holiday on December 25 for students, who were expecting to wind down during a week-long vacation. 

School authorities said that some of them have been threatened by `T' agitators that they should not be running classes during bandh this time around and hence, several of them are struggling to complete the portions before December 15. "Some schools like Chirec will have an extra hour of instruction every day so that the portions get completed," said a city parent. Meanwhile, some of the schools like Delhi Public School have been conducting extra classes even on Saturdays with an aim to finish the portions before December 15. 

Meanwhile, schools which give holidays for Sankranti are also having second thoughts about their vacation plans. While the state government declared a Sankranti vacation from January 8 to 19, some of the schools are planning to conduct special classes during the time. "We were told that Sankrati celebrations will have to be boycotted in Telangana schools as it is more of an Andhra festival. We are expecting trouble and hence, will take a decision on vacation time in the coming week," said a school management representative from Abids. 

However, S Srivivas Reddy, convener, Recognised Schools Managements Association, said that the association had told all the schools to continue with their vacation plans without succumbing to `T' threats. "We are trying hard to get Essential Services Maintenance Act (Esma) for schools too. If the High Court gives a ruling in our favour, the schools in the state will not have to cancel their study hours," said Reddy. 

The school education department officials stated that the vacation for Christmas and Sankranti festivals have already been announced. Christmas vacation is from December 23 to January 1 and for Sankranti, the vacation will be January 8 to 19. "The vacation schedule declared by the state government should be followed by schools," said an official.